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Maintenance – freshening up the site a little with new structure, look, and feel. Not quite finished yet, but it’s possible to have a look around a see a good portion of everything. The site had grown out of it’s design, and become a little messy, because it wasn’t planed enough from the start. Also the former structure was made out of a one-page template, as I thought it was a good idea to place all content on the front page. Lately I found that this is not working anymore, and as my business is divided into design and illustration, it is quite easy to put that into a more planed presentation – jobs plus illustration. And just found this animated gif from last year.      

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growth mindset carol dweck


Brainplay-Hjernespil – together with Navigent I developed a set of playing cards for school kids, to learn about the brain in five different categories – motion, food, sleep, neurons and challenges. Rules and concept of the cards are based on the car cards from the eighties and the growth mindset by Carol Dweck. Cards are fun and social, perfect for learning!:) See more of the project here: growth mindset

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Responsive webdesign

Maybe 2016 will be the turning point for responsive webdesign . It is said that ca. 60% browse the net via their phones. Those figures have only increased over the years. Some places smartphones are now the most used devices getting online. And Google favors responsive ranking them better in search results. I have been working on some new responsive designs, which came out very fine. You can see an example here: The designs can be customized, so it fits your business and brand, with colors, fonts, pictures and so on. This is just to show you that it works. And you will have something beautiful, clean and modern. Interested, contact me via email, and let us talk about your needs and possibilities. Responsivt webdesign Måske er 2016 året der boomer mht. responsivt design. Ca. 60% går på nettet med deres telefoner. Det tal er støt stigende over de senere år. Og nogle steder er smartphones blevet det mest benyttede produkt at browse nettet med. Jeg har udviklet et responsivt design, som blev rigtig fint. Du kan se et eksempel her: Responsivt design kan tilpasses, så det matcher jeres forretning og brand, med farver, fonte, billleder og så videre. Eksemplet er blot for at vise hvordan det virker. Og i vil få et design, der ofte er smukt, rent og moderne. Interesseret, så kontakt mig, og lad os se på jeres behov og muligheder.

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