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Everyday Coffee Beans. Smart and strong

I’m a real coffee lover, I drink it in the morning, at noon and in the evening right before I go to bed. And I sleep pretty well as well. Some people don’t. But I belong to the people who do not get much affected by caffeine and become hyper awake.

I love drinking coffee at home, and recently I started buying coffee beans only, which I grind myself. I do this in the shops because it’s easier. Finally I realized that fresh grind coffee smells and tastes so much better. I first became a coffee drinker in my early twenties, and had to have sugar, cinnamon and milk in it, because I disliked the smell and taste. With these ingredients I could endure it. Nowadays I’m fine with milk only.

I also love drinking coffee at cafés, where cafe latte is the favorite. But sometimes you also got to add some variations and try some of the other coffee beverages. It’s also nice here in Copenhagen, with all the cafés to go to.


Drinking coffee is also very beneficial for your health. I did not always know or believe that. But today I think it’s true. It can make you smarter, burn fat, improve physical performance and make you more awake. Ha – the last one doesn’t count me. The best in life tends to be the small things that make your days better. Coffee belongs to these small pleasures in my world.

Coffee Quotes of Smiles

A little research on coffee related quotes, quickly reveals the stereotypes or truth about coffee. ‘Keeping you wake’ and ‘life is too short for bad coffee.’ And this one by David Letterman, which is new to me:

“If it wasn’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever. “

Did I mention I also love to illustrate people drinking coffee along with many other topics.