Digital Illustration Style

Digital illustration style now tells stories from the modern life in the cities, the country and pop-up dreams. Topics are many and come from the inspiring lives we are living!:)

I created these illustrations out of a need to get involved in visual storytelling. Beautiful images are often made out of passion. With so many stories out there, it becomes interesting to put some images on them too.

It’s fun creating these illustrations, especially because of the storytelling part and developing the characters, the background and the props and make it all come together. I work with pencil and computer, and have developed a good practice taking it from idea to final image.

These illustrations have a background in another project, created in vector and the concept of Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck. Content is build on situations picked up on the streets in Copenhagen and elsewhere 🙂

See also this post about errands and belongings.


A man on a bench and a woman engrossed by something up there.

She turns her head when someone approaches and lights up in a big smile, because late summer weather makes her joyful and she wants to share it.


Spring and summer wardrobes are the best.


A little dessert and a lifestyle that is good .)


Indulge a lux makeup. Golden time.

That time of the day when coffee is your best friend.


Nothing like Japan and sushi bars, if you ask me.


Copenhagen stories.

Where else do you get the chance to see mermaids hanging out.


Monday morning in the metro be like.

Two adorable women with their walkers and colorful cowboy hats a day in the end of August.

They were in a hurry, because light was green and they had to gogo.

Gallery show and opening. So cozy.


Ahhh – Christmas is always such a sweet time to be with the ones you love and have fun.


Saturday nights are for dancing. It’s true:)

Summer days with your best friend, coffee, cakes and swans on the lake.


Sometimes people think they owe what’s yours.


If anything needs a feature it must be accessories. Those small beauties do wonders to your wardrobe and hairdo!

Then top it with your favorite makeup. And voila, you’re done.


Late night in the local mall can be stressful for some. A woman gets upset, raises her arm in the air and shouts ‘next time she walks into me I’ll get her.’

Luck for you, if you picked another line than the one she came from.