fashion illustration for the new srping items

Fashion Illustrations

A collaboration with Fashion illustrations and ladies all lined up for the upcoming spring 2018. Yeah!:) I created these fashion illustrations in collaboration with They are used in an article about spring and the clothes we love to have and wear. Here are some of them. The french trench coat, a lovely ivory pantsuit and a hot sleeve crop top. Recently I started to create digital illustrations. And I thought this would fit well to this content, as it is more colorful and strong. But now you must jump over to read the article and get inspired. And guess what, the people at told me they also need the sun just as much as we do in Scandinavia. Fashion Illustrations Entering Marts and the lovely spring weather is around the cornor. It’s always great when the days get lighter and longer. Time to dust of the spring clothes in the closet and look for new items in the shops and it will also be perfect to illustrate and draw some of them. I already have two from Benetton, a blue and a black and a beige from Day. A great coat when winter outerwear is too hot and summer jackets too cold. It’s also a coat you can use for almost any occasion and matter. It’s both casual and stylish enough to wear in more formal settings. I use it with jeans, tights, skirts and dresses for business, café visits, and parties. Spring Wardrobe What I would love to add to my wardrobe is a drizzling yellow flare sleeve crop top. It has the right amount of playfulness that I like. It’s also an item I don’t have, so it could be fun to try. The lovely ivory pantsuit will be wonderful when spring is high. Perfect for cocktail and dinner parties or for a fresh little walk in the park and by the lakes!:) That’s it for now, I guess. So – what about you. Have you already decided which fashion topics to add for your spring wardrobe? Looking forward to hearing from you. See also my other fashion illustrations and the new digital style. [maxbutton id=”4″ url=”” text=”Or say hi!” ]

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