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These images tells stories from the modern life in the cities, the country and pop-up dreams. Topics are many and come from the inspiring lives we are living!:)

I created these illustrations as a way to get involved storytelling images. Beautiful images are often made out of passion. With all the stories out there, it becomes interesting to put some images on them too.
It’s fun creating these illustrations. Inventing the stories, characters, backgrounds, props and make it all come together. Topics are lifestyle, fashion, health, travel, work and stuff like that. Some of the challenges are how to make the characters speak only by body language and without words.
It’s interesting to find ways how a person express itself. Body language, colors, the way they dress. And the culture and social status that shapes them. Is it office people, ceos, physical hard working people and so on. And then theres is the surroundings. Are they at home, in the office, at stations, the airport, in the car, on vacation, at exotic and faraway places.
Inspiration for these digital illustrations, come from another project. They are in vector and content inspired by the Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck. Content for the images on this page, are situations on the streets in Copenhagen. Now it’s become an expanding universe
I work with pencil and computer, and have developed a good practice taking it from idea to final image.
I wrote a blog post about one of these images. You can read it here – errands and belongings.
woman sitting on bed in hotel room with panorama view of Singapore. Colors are red, yellow, beige, purple and green.

Here you are in Singapore

your favorite spot in Asia!:)

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