"Some places I have exhibited my pictures."
flowers beauty

Summer Show!:)

Participated in group shows and represented in webshop.

kunstudstilling galleri øckenlund

The Sweet Life

Real stories from the sweet side of life. Solo show.

September 2013
udstilling sweet life

Forgotten Places

An exhibition about places we forgot and now live a life in dreams only. Solo show.

January 2013


Participated in Hvidovre Juried Exhibition.

February – Marts 2012


Summer Show

Solo exhibition with 30 drawings.

May – July 2012


Participated in the Artist’s Summer Exhibition.

June – July 2011

Study & Show

Two weeks summer course and two exhibitions at Bjørn Ignatius.

July 2011
gruppe udstilling group exhibition

Anonyme Zeichner

Copenhagen first and later the show traveled to Berlin.



Participated in the annual juried exhibtion KP-Spring, the Artists Easter Exhibition.

Aarhus Kunsthal, marts 2009
kp kunstnernes påskeudstillling