I teamed up with Inma Rocamora Ruiz from Natural Elegance Fashion Blog for the launch of customized fashion illustration for blog and social media content.

Inma is perfect for this project. Elegant and beautiful fashion blogger, with stylish photos of modern outfits in a classic and playful mix, and the sunny Spanish east coast as the canvas!

Use tailored illustration as a gateway for a more versatile content. It has become very popular on social media, either in styled photographs or as a single post, as it is.

A customized illustration adds a human touch to your visual content. For fashion and lifestyle bloggers and brands on social media. Illustration is a classic and fine supplement!

Custom Fashion Illustration

fashion illustration for bloggers and social media / SOME content

Chick & Fresh Art

Inma is dressed in an outfit dominated by black, the other she wears striped shorts and a blue blouse. Red lips and accessories are playful notes that break the classic outfit.