Portraits for private and professional use, made in classic watercolor, ink, paper and a little digital editing

Looking back

Portrait is an old tradition that was very popular in the renaissance, where kings and people from the upper class were portrayed in their best clothes showing they were something special. Today it is common for most people to have their portrait made occasionally, so you can see how you look as a boy, a young man and an elderly, mature gentleman.

Besides good looking portraits, there are caricatures, which serves as visual jokes. It is especially people in politics, who are in charge for these kinds of portraits. Caricature also has its roots in the days of the renaissance and freedom of speech.

The main purpose is to make fun of people who tries to manipulate with the power. It is still used very often indeed in politics and newspapers. And here you stretch everything, so it looks ridiculous and fun.

It is very interesting to draw portraits, as the human face both is very generic and then everyone has their own unique characteristics. So as the head can be divided and measured to where everything shall be placed, it is the small differences where exactly the features are placed and how big and small they are, that make us unique.


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