Playing Cards for School Kids

Content builds on Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck

Together with Navigent, I created a set of playing cards to be used in education for school kids. The cards teaches about the brain in five different categories, sport, food, sleep, neurones and challenges.

Content builds on Carol Dweck’s ‘Growth Mindset,’ which highly encourage you to learn with an open mind and make mistakes, because it is here you will learn the most. In addition to traditional teaching and learning, where you were taught to think you had a particular skill-set for something and not for other things, and so you were sort of stuck in that, and didn’t learn much else.

The illustrations are made in a fun and up-beat positive vibe, to make learning enjoyable and draw in the kids. The design of the playing cards is based on a grid, so you can see how much brain power you will get from eating this fruit, growing this kind of sport etc. Each categories is also presented with its own color scheme, and colors are held pastel tones, to make them less dominant.

As playing cards is a social game, it makes it a perfect leaning-kit!:)

growth mindset carol dweck
growth mindset carol dweck
illustration graphic design-undervisning