It’s mine ☝️

I recently made a cartoon of some situations, I experienced on my way out to do some errands. –  YES, you can 🌈 It started on the street, where an elderly well dressed man, stopped me by making eye contact and telling me something, I didn’t understand and thought he asked for money. He repeated […]



Hi guys! I have been participating in #illustratewithus a weekly challenge by @aeldrawas_ and @denacooperillustration on Instagram. It’s a super fine way to get in touch with other illustrators and it’s also fun to see different interpretations of the same subject. I’ve been in for the last three weeks and the photos are so fine […]

Sweet Sixteen

Hello new, I have been looking forward to you! I hope it will be a year with lots of new opportunities. Still dark here in January, but the light is slowly returning, and that is always a good thing and something I am looking much forward to. I have been more consistent on Instagram lately, […]